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Doctors end protest to demand flu vaccines for migrants

Doctors end protest to demand flu vaccines for migrants

By JULIE WATSON, San Diego (AP): A group of doctors on Wednesday ended a three-day protest against the U.S. government’s refusal to allow the flu vaccine be administered to migrants, following the arrests of six demonstrators outside a detention facility in San Diego. Dr. Bonnie Arzuaga said Customs and Border Patrol officials met briefly with her and other protest leaders and vowed to pass..

Chinese migrants found hiding in appliances at US crossing

Chinese migrants found hiding in appliances at US crossing

SAN DIEGO (AP): Eleven Chinese migrants were discovered hiding in furniture and appliances inside a truck stopped by agents as it entered the U.S. from Mexico at a Southern California border crossing, federal officials said. At least one person was crammed inside a washing machine and another was curled up inside a wooden chest, according to photos provided Monday by U.S. Customs and Border..



‘Food stamp’ revocation decision turns beneficiaries wary ahead of April 1 deadline

‘Food stamp’ revocation decision turns beneficiaries wary ahead of April 1 deadline

N24 Correspondent, PHILADELPHIA: Ramesh Rai (name changed) was a minor when he came to the U.S. with his parents under a refugee settlement program of the Bhutanese refugees. He and his family received the food assistance or the food stamps popularly known as the EBT (electronic benefits transfer) for years. This assistance provided by the U.S. government was instrumental for his family to..

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Child asylum-seekers go into hiding before Dutch deportation

By MIKE CORDER, THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — Two Armenian children whose bid for asylum in the Netherlands has been rejected have gone into hiding on the day the Dutch government was expected to deport them, a spokesman said Saturday, in the latest twist in a case that has riveted this.....



Truth vs. Trump on Immigration

Ever since the 2016 US presidential election, Donald Trump has exploited unfounded fears of immigrants for political gain, declaring an "emergency" and demanding funds for a border wall. But the real threat is not from immigrants; it is from xenophobic politicians whose policies would severely weaken the economy. - By Anne O. Krueger

Webster’s Dictionary defines “emergency” as “a sudden, urgent, usually unexpected occurrence requiring immediate action.” By that standard, US President Donald Trump’s claim that the United States faces an immigration emergency is simply not credible. Immigrants have been coming to the.....



A Guatemalan Village Tells The Story of Immigration To The U.S.

- By Marisa Peñaloza, John Burnett

The population of the province of Huehuetenango, Guatemala, is majority Maya. It’s a remote region near the border with Mexico, about a seven-hour drive from the capital, Guatemala City, on roads that are breathtakingly steep — often unpaved and very narrow. The village of San Antonio Las.....

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Canada case poses question: Is US immigration system safe?

By WILSON RING, CHAMPLAIN, N.Y. (AP): In the looming darkness, the Nigerian family of four, including two children carrying stuffed animals and a violin case, climbed out of a taxi at the end of a dead-end road in upstate New York as Canadian law enforcement officers watched a short distance away,.....



France, under pressure from right wing, toughens stance on immigration

By Elizabeth Pineau and Christian Lowe, PARIS (Reuters): France is to clear out some migrant tent camps, impose quotas for migrant workers and deny newly-arrived asylum seekers access to non-urgent healthcare, in a drive to show voters President Emmanuel Macron is heeding their concerns about.....



Death by Video: Morrison Combats Refugees By Film

- By Dr. Binoy Kampmark

Caught in the backwater of the world’s existence, Australia struggles for relevance in various ways. It might show itself a leader in creating a sovereign fund (too late for that now); it might demonstrate, in various ways, a singular approach to solar energy (impossible, we are told, on that.....


March 17, 2018

Tx. Police Stop Truck Loaded with Immigrants

More than 80 people believed to be in the country illegally were found in the back of a tractor-trailer following a traffic stop in South Texas Tuesday night. Authorities say some of the people were treated for dehydration. (May..

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