Two immigration bills will be voted on in US Congress next week

The first of these two bills called the Farm Workforce Modernization Act and the American Dream and Promise Act, states that undocumented farmers will be taken to the path of green card.

N24 Correspondent, WASHINGTON:- The U.S. Congress is set to vote on two immigration bills next week. Congressional Democratic leader Stanley Hoyer made the announcement in a conversation with the Democratic Caucus on Tuesday. The bill[ ... ]

Covid-19 fuels the threat of global famine

The pandemic has exacerbated food insecurity around the world. The World Food Program is short of resources to alleviate hunger.

Conflicts, climate change and now COVID-19 are the three C’s driving 270 million people to famine in the most impoverished countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Central and Latin America. Officials at the World[ ... ]

Voting rights at stake as Suprme Court considers Arizona Case

The ballot collection ban targets voters of color,” he said, noting that Arizona typically records 80 percent of its votes by mail-in ballots, a percentage that spiked to 88 percent in this last election cycle. If Arizona’s desired ban were allowed to stand by the Supreme Court, it would be “a huge impediment to voters of color participating in Arizona.

Sometimes it’s 50 miles — one way — for Native Americans living on reservations or in remote areas of Arizona to drive their ballots to a post office or an official drop-off site. Public transportation?[ ... ]

California’s $6.6 billion school re-opening plan prioritizes low-income, special needs children

Members of the California state Legislature and Governor Gavin Newsom unveiled a $6.6 billion school

Voting rights at stake as Suprme Court considers Arizona Case

Sometimes it’s 50 miles — one way — for Native Americans living on reservations or

  • Myanmar

    (An anti-coup protester uses a sling-shot and against advancing riot policemen in Mandalay, Myanmar, Tuesday, March 2, 2021. Demonstrators in Myanmar took to the streets again on Tuesday to protest last month’s seizure of power by the military, as foreign ministers from Southeast Asian countries met to discuss the political crisis. Police in Yangon, Myanmar’s biggest city, used tear gas and rubber bullets against the protesters. AP Photo)

  • India Protest

    (Oppositon Congress party supporters shout slogans atop a police barricade during a protest against repeated fuel and cooking gas price hike in New Delhi, India, Tuesday, March 2, 2021. AP Photo: Altaf Qadri)


    (Sahrawi women perform a dance following a military parade during celebrations marking the 45th anniversary of the declaration of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SDAR), at a refugee camp on the outskirts of the southwestern Algerian city of Tindouf, on February 27, 2021. Photo: RYAD KRAMDI-AFP)


    (Judge Agnieszka Warchol announces the acquittal in the court in Plock, Poland on March 2, 2021. - A Polish court on March 2, 2021 acquitted three gay rights activists who were accused of offending religious sentiment after they put up posters of the Virgin Mary with a rainbow halo. Photo: JANEK SKARZYNSKI-AFP)


    (Adwa youth gesture during the celebration of the 125th victory of Adwa, at Menelik square in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on March 2, 2021. - The Battle of Adwa was the climactic battle of the First Italo-Ethiopian War. The Ethiopian forces defeated the Italian invading force on March 1, 1896, near the town of Adwa. The decisive victory thwarted the campaign of the Kingdom of Italy to expand its colonial empire in the Horn of Africa. Photo: Amanuel Sileshi-AFP)

Canada-US Asylum Pact in Doubt After Ottawa Court Ruling

By Craig McCulloch, VANCOUVER:- The clock is ticking for Canada’s withdrawal from an agreement with the United States on cross-border asylum-seekers. A recent Canadian court


After four years of brutish immigration restrictions, advocates are breathing a sigh of relief and seeing a clear opening to push through ambitious reforms under

A Guatemalan Village Tells The Story of Immigration To The U.S.

The population of the province of Huehuetenango, Guatemala, is majority Maya. It’s a remote region near the border with Mexico, about a seven-hour drive from