Victims of crime in the United States will be given a 4-year work permit

N24 Correspondent, LOS ANGELES:- USCIS provides additional protection to victims of crime in the United States, according to a policy directive released today.

USCIS has updated its policy on granting prima facie applications and pending applications for non-immigrant status for U.S. nonimmigrant status to work permits and deportation protection for their eligible family members.

U.S. visas have been made available to nonimmigrant immigrants in the United States who have been victims of certain types of crime, including domestic violence and sexual assault, and who assist law enforcement agencies in investigating and prosecuting offenders.

Applicants with a U-One visa are allowed to work in the United States, and work permits are automatically issued to applicants as soon as U-status is approved.

If the number of eligible applications exceeds the annual quota, USCIS has placed such applications on a waiting list.

USCIS has been providing protection, parole, and other benefits from deportation to eligible applicants and their family members.

USCIS has also been issuing them work permits on the basis of prescription rights.

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