USCIS Opens TPS Re-Registration For South Sudan

BY N24 Staff Writer, NEW YORK:- The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced that the current beneficiaries of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) under South Sudan’s designation who want to maintain their status through May 2, 2022, must re-register for TPS from November 2, 2020 to January 4, 2021.

According to a USCIS statement, the re-registration procedures, including how to renew employment authorization documents (EADs), have been published in the Federal Register and are available at

“All applicants who wish to re-register for TPS must submit Form I-821, Application for Temporary Protected Status,” said the USCIS. “Applicants may also request an EAD by submitting Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, when they file Form I-821, or separately at a later date. Like all USCIS forms, both forms are free for download from the USCIS website at”

The USCIS will issue new EADs with a May 2, 2022, expiration date to eligible beneficiaries under South Sudan’s TPS designation who timely re-register and apply for an EAD.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recognizes that not all re-registrants will receive new EADs before their current EADs expire on Nov. 2, 2020. Accordingly, USCIS is automatically extending through May 1, 2021, the validity of those EADs with a marked expiration date of Nov. 2, 2020.

Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad F. Wolf decided that the statutory conditions supporting South Sudan’s TPS designation on the basis of ongoing armed conflict and extraordinary and temporary conditions continue to exist and that the designation should be extended for 18 months.

“Acting Secretary Wolf made his decision after reviewing country conditions and consulting with appropriate U.S. government agencies. As a result, South Sudan’s TPS designation is extended through May 2, 2022,” the USCIS further said.

As of today, there are around 400,000 TPS beneficiaries in the US from 10 countries that includes: Nepal, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras and Nicaragua.

As for Nepal, around 9,000 documented and undocumented Nepalese received the TPS benefits in 2015, following a disastrous 7.8 magnitude earthquake in April, 2015.

Among the 9,000 Nepalese receiving the TPS benefits, almost 7,500 have either returned to their old status or changed their status, while 1500 are still under the TPS. The TPS benefits given to Nepalese in the US is coming to an end on January 4, 2021, if it is not extended beyond that date.

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