US Visas for DV lottery 2022 winners start from Today

Up to 900 case numbers in October

N24 Correspondent, LOS ANGELES:- The United States has started issuing visas to the winners of Diversity Visa, (DV) lottery 2022 from Today. As the fiscal year 2022 has started from October 1, visas have been issued to the winners of Diversity Visa, (DV) lottery 2022. For the month of October, more than 900 cases have been restricted to Nepalese.

In November, more than 1,700 cases were restricted to Nepalese. There is a provision that the winners of DV 2022 can get visa till September 30, 2023.

The results of the DV lottery for the fiscal year 2022 were made public on May 8. According to the US State Department, 3802 Nepalese have won the DV lottery for the fiscal year 2022. Which is second in Asia. In Asia, Iran has the highest number of 5739 people.

Although a maximum of 55,000 DV winners can get a visa, 119,021 have applied for the 2022 DV. As many of them may be disqualified, the United States has been issuing more visas than visa numbers.

For the year 2022, a total of 73 lakh 36 thousand 3 hundred and two people had filled the DV. A total of 131,091,296 people from all over the world, including relatives, participated in the 2022 DV.

For the current fiscal year 2021, 3801 Nepalese had won the DV lottery. But because of the Corona epidemic and Trump’s past immigration ban, most have not been able to get visas. The court has reserved visas for some DV winners who failed to get visas by September 30.

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