US President Trump’s determined anti migrant pronouncements and his declared aim to construct border wall with Mexico to prevent the migrants from Mexico illegally entering US has been much criticized by the pledged critics of Trump, the so called human rights activists and the Democratic party. Even in Trump’s Republican party, not many have come forward to openly support Trump’s approach and have remained largely silent.

However, it appears that many American citizens would appreciate the broad tenet of Trump’s views on the matter, though significant segment of them may not agree that Trump should take forward his approach to extreme level by creating an anti migrant phobia.

Across the world, there have been considerable concern in different countries about the migration of foreign citizens legally or illegally , on the pretext of pursuing higher studies and employment and then permanently settling down . Such concern is justified , since such migration inevitably affect the demographic structure of the countries , cause social tension and disturb the traditional cultural practices. Any unrestricted or illegal migration inevitably lead to sectarian violence.

In recent years, West Europe has become the victim of the liberal policy of a few governments , particularly German government, towards the migrants and refugees, interpreting that the migrant / refugee issue is a humanitarian problem and civilized society cannot afford to be brutal in violently or forcibly preventing the entry of refugee / migrants from different countries, particularly from the war torn regions and those with oppressive regimes.

Europe is already paying the price for such liberal migrant policy and the problem is likely to become more tense and acute in the coming years , as the migrants with different educational and skill level and religious beliefs would stay on permanently. European governments have woken up to it’s mistakes and have taken some preventive steps now to stop the migrant flow. However, it appears to be too late now , as significant number of migrants / refugees have already entered and would multiply themselves in the course of time. Certainly, they are unlikely to go back. It is said that domination of people belonging to different overseas religions has become too evident in UK and racial tension in Germany is disturbing the peace and harmony.

Canada is another country which is adopting liberal migrant policy without clarity and long term strategies. Canada is a large and under populated country and it’s population growth is not matching the needs of the future. Canadian government appears to think that it is of imperative importance that Canada should have more people. Then, the question is that not all entering Canada from other countries are skilled and have adequate education and many of them are refugees. Racial conflicts and murders have been taking place in Canada in recent time, which was known to be a peaceful region earlier.

The Rohingya crisis when thousands of refugees from Myanmar entered Bangladesh and are determined to stay there and lack of policy and clarity in dealing with the Rohingya crisis is all too evident. Bangladesh government with it’s weak economy is facing the brunt of the problem and United Nations Organisation have been supporting the Rohingya refugees without taking a holistic view of the issues.

Given such conditions, there is lot of sense in Trump’s anti migrant policy. It is well known that thousands of Mexicans have entered US in the past illegally and are staying there permanently , with most of them doing menial jobs in households .U S citizens have not objected to this in any visible manner so far, since the migrants provide them cheap labour. But, the consequences of such liberal view on illegal Mexicans in US could cause serious tension and social unrest in US before long.

In spite of it’s technological and industrial progress and advanced economy, US still remains as a divided country with blacks and whites not reconciling themselves to each other and the differences are obvious to be ignored. Large influx of illegal Mexicans in US will only contribute to intensify the racial tensions in USA in future. Many citizens in US seem to realize this but are disturbingly silent.

Trump’s anti migrant policy is bound to be appreciated by those in US who take a long term view of social stability of the country.

However, the question is whether constructing a huge border wall with Mexico of distance 3145 kilometres at enormous cost of 5.7 billion US$ is the ideal way of sorting out the Mexican migrant issue . Protecting the lengthy wall and keeping the migrants at bay can be a formidable exercise , inspite of the technological and infrastructure advancement in US

Many believe that constructing a border wall with Mexico is an Utopian idea and is unlikely to be realized. It is very well known that migrants and refugees around the world are determined people who will do their level best to overcome the obstacles and a mere wall will not be an obstacle for them.

Obviously, the next US President who may share Trump’s anti migrant sentiments will have to think of more feasible options for checking the flow of illegal migrants from Mexico. . Perhaps, the time has come in US to launch a soft and non violent anti migrant campaign amongst the US citizens to create conditions where the illegal migrants would not be entertained by the peopl

(N. S. Venkataraman is a trustee with the “Nandini Voice for the Deprived,” a not-for-profit organization that aims to highlight the problems of downtrodden and deprived people and support their cause. To promote probity and ethical values in private and public life and to deliberate on socio-economic issues in a dispassionate and objective manner.)

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