This Botched Patient Is Flipping Out Over Her Butt Implants

It’s all about butts on tonight’s all-new Botched.

For starters, doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif met with new patient Jabrena to hear all about her balloon butt. As the Georgia resident detailed in a confessional, she chose to get buttock implants after being teased for her “beanpole” physique.

However, not long after the surgery, Jabrena realized her implants were not quite right.

“Two weeks after surgery, the swelling started to kind of go down and you could see the implant kind of on the side. It was like a crease,” Jabrena shared with the Botched camera. “But, about a month-and-a-half later, the implant flipped.”

To make matters worse, it’s said the implants went on to flip “four or five times a week.”

“It’s very uncomfortable. Like, it hurts,” the new patient lamented in a confessional.

When Jabrena spoke with her original surgeon about the problem, he said he’d fix the issue—for $4,000. Thus, Jabrena decided it was time to seek out a second opinion and reached out to the Botched docs.

“I just want a little, cute, nice toot butt and not this big honk that I have back here,” Jabrena begged during her consultation with the doctors.

“We certainly want to help you, but we don’t want to restore you to a place that you hate,” Dr. Dubrow noted after hearing Jabrena’s case. “It’s a butt dilemma.”

While examining Jabrena’s implants, Dr. Dubrow realized she had “implant malposition.”

“Not only are the implants in a pocket that’s way too big, but they’re in the wrong plane in the pocket, allowing them to flip around too easily,” Heather Dubrow‘s husband explained later on. “The problem is, if I just take the implants out, she’ll have so much sagging skin and no projection that I’ll be trading one big problem for another even bigger problem.”

As Dubrow no longer worked with butt implants, the famed plastic surgeon suggested a “possible fat flap transfer and buttock lift.” Unsurprisingly, Jabrena consented to Dubrow’s surgical plan.

After removing the 600 cc implants and 500 cc of fluid, Dubrow observed that Jabrena’s volume problem was worse than he thought. Of course, the medical professional was concerned about getting enough tissue to fill the pocket.

Despite the complications, Jabrena’s surgery was a success, leaving her with a butt that “might make the Kardashians jealous.”

“Before my surgery, I had a saggy butt and implants were flipping,” Jabrena stated post-surgery. “But now, thanks to Dr. Dubrow, I am finally free of my honk butt and now I finally have that cute toot butt that I’ve always wanted.”

Jabrena wasn’t the only happy patient on tonight’s Botched. Butts, Georgia resident Lisa sought out Dr. Nassif’s expertise after a failed facelift and neck lift left her with a neck deformity.

According to Lisa, she chose to go under the knife after years of bullying over her “pelican neck.”

Unfortunately, Lisa’s original surgeon botched the job as she was left with a “distorted” neck (that was also oddly textured). The same surgeon then performed a second lift in an attempt to correct the damage, but his intervention only made things worse.

“Then, some time went by and it started swelling…on the actual neck, this scar,” Lisa said of her disastrous corrective surgery. “So, I go back and he left the stitches in.”

In fact, the doctor even vocalized a concern that he took out the wrong set of stitches. After hearing the details of Lisa’s case, Nassif ruled it was time they stepped into the exam room.

“Lisa had a short scar facelift, because the incision only went up a little behind her ear,” Nassif relayed to the Botched camera. “And, if you’re trying to correct a neck, you have to make those incisions a lot longer so you can re-drape and get rid of that extra neck skin.”

Despite this being a challenging case, Brittany Pattakos‘ husband had a game plan to fix Lisa’s neck.

“We have to go underneath the muscles and try to rearrange things to get things a little bit more smooth,” Nassif said while explaining a revision deep plane facelift.

Even though there was a risk of more neck irregularities, Lisa agreed to Nassif’s surgical plan. During the surgery, Nassif and his team harvested micro fat to reconstruct Lisa’s neck.

And, thankfully, the procedure was a success and Lisa was very happy with the result.

“Thanks to Dr. Nassif, I’m turning necks and causing some wrecks and I love it,” Lisa quipped in a confessional.

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