State Department directs embassies to issue maximum diversity visas by September 30

N24 Correspondent, LOS ANGELES:- The State Department has instructed embassies and consulates to issue diversity visas to the winners of the fiscal year 2021 with high priority by September 30. The State Department has instructed embassies and consulates to give priority to diversity visas after a court in Washington, D.C., ordered a halt to the State Department’s November 2020 policy to make diversity visas a final priority.

The court issued an order on September 9 directing the US State Department to issue diversity visas by September 30 with due process. The State Department said it had instructed the consular sections to do everything possible to issue visas by September 30, in line with the court order.

But the State Department says the court did not direct that DV be given priority over other visas. Similarly, the Ministry of External Affairs has stated that the court has not ordered to give priority to the visa of the person involved in the DV-related case. The Ministry of External Affairs has stated that the court has stated that the consular posts should not leave everything and take only DV in the process.

The State Department states that DV applications must be processed in accordance with the law, that the applicant must be eligible for all documents, pay all fees, submit a medical report, and prove that he or she is eligible for a diversity visa before the visa is issued. Applicants for DV 2021 are required to issue a visa on or before September 30, 2021.

If the consular section has the capacity to arrange an interview for a diversity visa, the applicant may receive a notification via email. Many DV winners have even sent emails directly to the consular section. The Ministry of External Affairs has directed the consular sections to respond to such emails in accordance with the September 9 court order.

The State Department has instructed consular sections to send the following response: “We are experts on the September 9, 2021, order issued by the District Court of Washington, D.C., on the Diversity Program.” According to the order, the posts are making good intentions to expedite the process of DV applications by September 30, 2021.
Due to lack of resources, borders caused by the Corona epidemic, and the situation in the country, we will continue to process DV cases in accordance with the law. If the post has the ability to put your case on the table, you will receive a notification informing you to look at the intranet status check site. ‘

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