South Korea to legalize children born to foreign workers

Nepali workers are deprived of this opportunity due to the non-availability of a residence visa

N24 Correspondent, SEOUL:- The South Korean government is preparing to legalize all children born to illegal foreign workers here.

Children born through them will be legally registered anywhere in South Korea and regardless of their nationality.

According to the Ministry of Law, the law is aimed at ensuring that no child is deprived of child rights and government facilities.

Law Minister Park Beomk said the law would help protect children’s rights, eliminate child trafficking and protect children’s human rights.

He said that after the implementation of this law, the children will be able to participate in the compulsory education and vaccination program.

Such children will also receive insurance and other government and social benefits.

If a foreign worker is living in Korea illegally and their child is born during this period, they will also receive legalization along with the child.

Until recently, a child born to a woman living illegally in Korea and marrying a Korean and divorcing and remarrying an illegal foreigner was not legally recognized.

It is estimated that there are more than 20,000 unregistered babies born in this way in Korea so far.

Residential visas are not available for the families of a large number of Nepali workers in South Korea.

However, the families of a large number of Nepali workers in South Korea will benefit from this facility if they get a residence visa.

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