See Zoë Kravitz Star in Michelob ULTRA’s Super Bowl Commercial and Dish on Big Little Lies

It’s no little lie that Zoë Kravitz made a splash in her new 2019 Super Bowl commercial for Michelob Ultra. The ad focuses on the brand’s USDA-certified organic beer and has a large focal point on nature and “the pure experience” and E! News is giving you the exclusive first look.

The commercial begins with a swooping shot of the sun setting over the ocean and quickly transitions to views of the seashore, mountains, and waterfalls. In the middle of it all we see a barefoot Kravitz atop a wooden platform that looks like it’s levitating. She’s sitting at a wood desk with a clear chair and dons a pair of light wash blue jeans, a button down white shirt and gold jewelry. The Big Little Lies star is surrounded by two microphones on each side of her and a bottle of Michelob ULTRA.

“Let’s all experience something,” she whispers into the first microphone. 

She says into the second, “Together.” Kravitz then clinks her nails on the bottle.

“This place, so pure you can feel it,” she continues in a mere whisper.

Opening the bottle of Michelob ULTRA is akin to the sounds and movements of nature, like waves crashing in the sea. “This beer, so pure you can taste it,” she says before pouring the bottle of Pure Gold into a chilled glass and holding up the fizzing bubbles to the microphone.

While Kravitz is the one speaking in the commercial, it’s really nature and the beer itself that does all the talking.

“Nature is so important, you know? I sometimes forget how important it is until I’m actually in nature,” Kravitz says in behind-the-scenes footage from the commercial shoot. “Even being here today it just, it gives me this amazing energy.”

The actress also opens up about the success of Big Little Lies, saying she feels “amazing” and “so proud” to be a part of the series.

“It was such an incredible experience making the show, and then the response was even more incredible,” she shares. “And the fact that we got to do it again is just such a gift because I just love those women so very much. So, I think it’s coming out in June and I’m very excited to see it myself, and I hope it lives up to everyone’s expectations.”

The 30-year-old star joins the likes of Cardi BSteve Carell others in popular Super Bowl ads. Cardi B and Carell teamed up with Pepsi for a pretty unforgettable commercial along with Lil Jon!

Kravitz’s Big Little Lies co-star Adam Scott hangs out with 2 Chainz in their Expensify ad and it’s definitely something to be seen.

Watch Kravitz’s full commercial for Michelob ULTRA’s Pure Gold beer above. And see what she had to say about nature, Big Little Lies and more!

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