Nepal Government decides to issue on arrival visas for non-resident Nepalese

N24 Correspondent, KATHMANDU:- Nepal Government has decided to issue on arrival visas for non-resident Nepalis at Tribhuvan Airport.

The Immigration Department has issued a notice stating that non-resident Nepalis have also been included in the list of on arrival visas.

Earlier, the government had issued an un-arrival visa only if the Nepali mission in the country concerned came with prior approval.

The Immigration Department has made public the provisions made by the decision of the Council of Ministers for the last time.

Following this decision, on arrival visas will be issued unconditionally to foreigners of Nepali origin (whose birthplace Nepal is mentioned in the passport) or who have a relationship with a Nepali or a non-resident Nepali citizen.

In addition, diplomatic and formal passport holders or UN staff will also receive on arrival visas unconditionally. Foreigners working in international organizations in Nepal will now be given unconditional visas.

On arrival facility will be available only at Tribhuvan Airport at present. Foreign nationals wishing to enter by land have to obtain prior approval from the Government of Nepal.

According to the new information, the rules of the previous health protocol have been kept the same. Before coming to Nepal, a report of PCR negative within 72 hours at most and 10 days quarantine will be mandatory.

The alternative quarantine will be provided to Nepali or foreign nationals of Nepali origin and their children who have complicated health problems, death of a relative, and have to attend the ceremony themselves.

Information for Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point