Meet the Frasers Cast Is Crazy Italian in Family-Style Mukbang

The stars of Meet the Frasers are kicking off season one with a bang.

E!’s Kelsey Darragh wines and dines with psychic medium Matt Fraser, his pageant queen partner Alexa Papigiotis and their respective siblings Maria Fraser and Ava Papigiotis in this slapstick mukbang video featuring five courses of Rhode Island’s finest Italian cuisine. The group convenes at Camille’s, a celebrated Providence hotspot whose name is well-recognized across The Ocean State.

“You can’t live in Rhode Island and not come here,” Alexa declares, and the table nods in agreement. According to Matt, “you can’t live in Rhode Island without knowing a Camille,” either.

“That’s weirdly accurate,” Maria responds. “I know so many Camilles.”

In addition to learning new things about Rhode Island and sharpening our Italian food pronunciations, we’re also given a peek into the Frasers’ family dynamic ahead of tonight’s Meet the Frasers series premiere.

“What do I have to do to be a Fraser?” Kelsey asks over an abundant spread of appetizers that includes traditional arancini (rice balls), eggplant parmesan, pasta fazool and about a dozen other delicacies. OK, but really, though—what does she have to do?

“You have to have a bidet in your house,” Matt tells Darragh.

And much as we’d love to hear the backstory behind this apparent household staple, the conversation is diverted when Kelsey shares that she actually used to own one herself. Per the comedian’s recollection, the Amazon purchase cost $25.

“Was it used?” Maria quips. And, on to dessert!

Hear Matt describe his elementary school friends’ reactions to his otherworldly abilities—and find out how Alexa keeps secrets from her psychic boyfriend—in the full mukbang video above!

Watch the series premiere of Meet the Frasers Monday, Jan. 13 at 10 p.m., only on E!

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