Live updates: Trump holds a rally in Wisconsin

President Trump made the case that the United States could not comply with the Paris Climate Accord because it would get sued, whereas countries like China would not.

“China can sign rules. They’re not going to be sued by Greenpeace,” the President explained at a rally in Green Bay.

“If Greenpeace goes to China, that’s the end of Greenpeace. You’re not going to see them again,” he said, adding, “We adhere to these things. It’s a little different.”

Trump said the United States, “would have lost our ass on that deal.”

He also made light of violent protests in the streets of Paris, and seemed to imply that the so-called Yellow Vest protesters were his “friends.”

“I say, take a look at Paris on a Saturday afternoon. How are they doing, good?” he asked rhetorically. “How are the yellow vests doing?”

“They’re great friends of mine, but I don’t think they’re doing so good,” he said.

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