Immigration Department clarifies the controversy regarding the proposed Immigration procedure 2065 bill

KATHMANDU:- Nepal Immigration Department has clarified that there is no official decision that has been made that requires women under the age of 40 to take the permission of the family and ward when traveling abroad.

There is widespread protest saying that the department is going to bring a procedure to require the approval of the family and local level when a woman under the age of 40 goes abroad.

The department has said that it has taken serious note of the media reports that the decision is being taken by amending the internal working procedures of the department and requiring the recommendation of family members or local level when Nepali women go on a visit visa for the first time in a risky country.

The department said that no decision has been taken on the issue which came as suggestions of the internal investigation task force.

The department has clarified that no decision has been taken in this regard so far and the decision will be taken in such a way that the fundamental rights of the citizens will not be frustrated considering the constitutional rights.

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