Immigrants Comprise 5% of North Dakota’s Population

MINOT, N.D. (AP):- DATA from the American Immigration Council shows North Dakota has a small but growing community of immigrants, with many coming from the Philippines.

The council’s latest figures from 2018 show 35,824 foreign-born individuals comprised 5% of the state’s population.

Immigrants made up 6% of the state’s workforce in 2018. Immigrants accounted for 13% of the state’s production employees and 11% of residents working in the manufacturing industry.

Immigrants hold 8% of jobs in health care and social service jobs and are also often employed in education, followed by manufacturing, retail and wholesale trade, Minot Daily New s reported.

The state’s 1,506 immigrant business owners accounted for 3% of all self-employed in 2018 and generated $66.8 million in business income.

Immigrant-led households in the state paid about $156 million in federal taxes and $71 million in state and local taxes in 2018.

Most of North Dakota’s immigrants come from the Phillipines, then Bhutan, Nepal, Canada and Liberia.

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