ICE Launches New Program Authorizing Local Law Enforcement To Make Immigration Arrests


ICE Launches New Program Authorizing Local Law Enforcement to Make Immigration Arrests

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 07th May, 2019) Local US law enforcement officers will be allowed to arrest and temporarily detain immigrants under a new Federal program intended to strengthen immigration enforcement, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in a news release.

“US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced today the creation of a new collaborative program intended for local law-enforcement that wish to honor immigration detainees, but are prohibited due to state and local policies that limit cooperation with the agency,” the release said on Monday.

Local jurisdictions that join the new program, called the Warrant Service Officer (WSO) program, will be temporarily exempted from any local or state regulations that currently prohibit their cooperation in immigration arrests or detentions, the release said.

ICE will have 48 hours to transfer any immigrant arrested or detained under the program into its custody, or the immigrant has to be released.

Acting ICE Director Matthew Albence said the WSO program will protect communities from criminal aliens who threaten vulnerable populations with violence, drugs and gang activity by allowing partner jurisdictions the flexibility to make immigration arrests in their jail or correctional facility.

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