I-910, Application for Civil Surgeon Designation


Depending on the immigration benefit sought, an applicant may be required to undergo a medical examination. Immigration medical examinations conducted inside the United States must be performed by a civil surgeon who has been designated by USCIS. (Immigration medical examinations conducted outside the United States must be performed by a panel physician who has been designated by the Department of State.)

Generally, physicians interested in obtaining civil surgeon designation must apply using Form I-910. Certain physicians may not need to apply for civil surgeon designation if they fall under a limited number of blanket designations. Please refer to the instructions to determine whether you should use this form. For more information, see the USCIS Policy Manual Blanket Civil Surgeon Designation Guidance.

The National Benefits Center is accepting applications for civil surgeon designation. USCIS has the authority to exercise discretion in approving civil surgeon applications based on local requirements. See 8 CFR 232.2.  At this time, USCIS does not foresee invoking any local restrictions, but reserves the right to apply such restrictions.