Saturday 19th September 2020

New California Law Expands Tax Credit for Immigrants

SACRAMENTO, (AP):- California will give tax breaks to more immigrants — including those living in the country illegally — under a new law that Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Friday. The earned income tax credit gives cash back to people who have jobs but make so little that they often don’t owe any income taxes. The idea is to encourage people to work by promising to boost their pay with a tax credit. People get the money as a refund when they file their taxes each year. Combined with the federal credit, qualifying families can earn up to $8,000. California has had its own earned income tax credit since 2015. But it was only available to people who had Social Security numbers. That excluded immigrants who paid taxes with an individual taxpayer identification number issued by the IRS. In June, California expanded its earned income tax credit for the first time to immigrants who have..

More migrant women say they didn’t OK surgery

By NOMAAN MERCHANT, HOUSTON (AP):- Sitting across from her lawyer at an immigration detention center in rural Georgia, Mileidy Cardentey Fernandez unbuttoned her jail jumpsuit to show the scars on her abdomen. There were three small, circular marks. The 39-year-old woman from Cuba was told only that she would undergo an operation to treat her ovarian cysts, but a month later, she’s still not sure what procedure she got. After Cardentey repeatedly requested her medical records to find out, Irwin County Detention Center gave her more than 100 pages showing a diagnosis of cysts but nothing from the day of the surgery. “The only thing they told me was: ‘You’re going to go to sleep and when you wake up, we will have finished,’” Cardentey said this week in a phone interview. Cardentey kept her hospital bracelet. It has the date, Aug. 14, and part of the doctor’s name, Dr...


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Tx. Police Stop Truck Loaded with Immigrants

More than 80 people believed to be in the country illegally were found in the back of a tractor-trailer following a traffic stop in South Texas Tuesday night. Authorities say some of the people were treated for dehydration. (May..