GOP won’t force quick House vote on Dem bill axing ICE

By ALAN FRAM, WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican leaders won’t be forcing a quick vote on a Democratic bill abolishing the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, known as ICE.

Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy says that the House instead will vote Wednesday on a non-binding GOP resolution supporting ICE and disparaging calls by some liberals to eliminate it.

For liberals, ICE is a symbol of President Donald Trump’s harsh immigration policies. A handful of Democrats introduced legislation last week erasing ICE and transferring its functions to other agencies.

Republicans saw a vote on the bill as a campaign-season chance to embarrass Democrats, many who say it goes too far.

Now Democrats, including the bill’s sponsors, say they’d vote “no” on their own legislation.

Some rank-and-file Republicans disagreed with leaders’ decision to not vote on the Democratic measure.

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