Danes’ ‘Iron Inger’ Stojberg denies migrants a slice of hygge | World

In the hit Danish television political drama Borgen, the fictional prime minister Birgitte Nyborg brings Denmark’s warring politicians together in a multi-ethnic centrist coalition, rejecting anti-immigrant populists. Not so in real life.

Inger Stojberg, 45, who as Denmark’s immigration minister enjoys being the iron lady of non-fictional Danish politics, won applause last week for ratcheting up the odds against migrants.

The former journalist — who wrote in a newspaper article in April that “a significant proportion” of immigrants “cheat, lie and abuse our trust” — announced proposals to tighten citizenship rules in an attempt to quell a surge in immigrant gang crime that has shattered Danes’ sense of security.

Denmark is ranked as the third happiest country in the world and has long enjoyed a…

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