Covid-19 vaccine mandatory for US immigrant visas from Today

N24 Correspondent, LOS ANGELES:- From today, US immigrant visas and Green Card applicants will have to be vaccinated against corona virus in order to pass the Immigration medical exam and get a green card. The USCIS also issued a notice shortly after the CDC updated the technical instructions for civil surgeons preparing medical reports.

USCIS has updated the policy guidelines in line with the CDC’s directives. USCIS has also updated its medical report firm I-699. USCIS clarifies that the applicant must have completed one or two doses of the vaccine prior to the medical examination and provide documentation to the Civil Surgeon.

Meanwhile, the US State Department issued a statement today stating that the corona-virus vaccine has been made mandatory for all immigrant visas, including beggar visas and some non-immigrant visas required to be vaccinated. Vaccines approved by the World Health Organization or the US FDA will be recognized.

This provision applies to everyone applying for a green card in the United States and applying for an immigrant visa at embassies and consulates outside the United States. However, the rule applies only to those who are of age eligible for the vaccine and those who are also in good health to receive the corona-virus vaccine.

According to 121A1 of the US Immigration Law, immigration medical check-up is done in connection with the entry ban on health. Evidence of a vaccine approved by the US government for emergency use or approved by the World Health Organization must be submitted to the medical report. Self-proclaimed vaccine without proof will not be recognized.

If the applicant is not fully vaccinated, the civil surgeon or physician who prepares the medical report is also given the right to be vaccinated against corona with the consent of the applicant. However, before the medical examination, the applicant has been warned to take the full dose of the corona vaccine and to delay the application process without going for the medical examination.

If the applicant is younger than the approved age for vaccination, exemption from automatic vaccination will be provided. However, if a person is not vaccinated on religious or moral grounds, such applicant must apply to USCIS for a waiver. USCIS reserves the right to accept or reject the request for the waiver.

The CDC suggests that coronary resistance should not be tested when submitting a medical report for a green card. Applicants must provide proof of immunization, even if there is evidence of immunosuppression or have had a corona infection in the past.

The new rules will not apply to those who have already submitted a medical report before October 1.

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