Conference of returnee migrant workers suggests govt to retain workers

KATHMANDU:- All three layers of government have been suggested to immediately formulate plans and policy to retain migrant workers who have returned home. A conference of the returnee migrant workers voiced for utilizing the skills and experience of the returnees so that national economy could be propped up.
The two-day national conference held in Kathmandu issued a 19-point declaration and underscored that all three layers of government should work effectively to take benefit from the home returnees and integrate them socially.
The declaration mentioned the needs as desegregated data of those returned home from India, mention of integration into society after return in the MoUs between the workers sending and receiving countries, capacity building of the responsible organizations, incorporation of home returnees and their families in the social security schemes.
The conference was attended by 160 persons.
Addressing the concluding session of the conference on Friday, Minister for Youths and Sports Maheshwor Gahatraj expressed commitment that government would work for ensuring entrepreneurship to the home returned youths. It would utilize their skills. Job creation is a priority of the government, he added.

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