Death by Video: Morrison Combats Refugees By Film February 18, 2019

Caught in the backwater of the world’s existence, Australia struggles for relevance in various ways. It might show itself a leader in creating a sovereign fund (too late for that now); it might demonstrate, in various ways, a singular approach to solar energy (impossible, we are told, on that..

Australia and Poland join US rejection of UN migration pact November 21, 2018

Jamie Smyth, SYDNEY, (FT): Australia and Poland have refused to support a pact designed to improve global co-operation on migration, joining populist governments in the US, Hungary and Austria in opposing the UN’s accord.  Scott Morrison, Australia’s prime minister, said on Wednesday that the..

Nauru refugee camp doctor removed as pressure on Australia mounts October 17, 2018

SYDNEY, (AFP) - The chief doctor at an Australian offshore detention centre was removed Wednesday for breaching rules, her employer said, as Canberra sought to stem criticism of conditions at a deeply controversial immigration camp on Nauru. It is the second time a top doctor contracted by..

Australian nun who irked Duterte fights expulsion order May 25, 2018

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — An Australian nun who irked the Philippine president for joining political rallies has defied an Immigration Bureau order for her to leave the Philippines and appealed to justice officials to allow her to continue her missionary work for the poor and victims of..

Australia’s Immigration Policy: Political And Economic Lessons For Europe May 2, 2018

Far right European politicians have apparently ‘fallen in love’ with a particular aspect of Australian immigration policy, namely, the government’s abysmal treatment of asylum seekers. The current regime of dealing with illegal arrivals seeking asylum in Australia is built on two very..

ACTU’s Sally McManus calls for cut in temporary work visa numbers April 15, 2018

The federal government should cut the number of people coming to Australia on temporary work visas rather than exploiting fears about permanent migrants, Sally McManus has said. The Australian Council of Trade Unions secretary said on Sunday that Australia is “shipping in exploitation” with..

Trump Will Use the Military on US Border April 7, 2018

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump said that he would have the US military guard the border between the US and Mexico as he indicated a further crackdown on illegal immigration is on the way while slamming current US border laws as being too weak. Trump has made public remarks as well as comments..

Quota Set for Immigration Judges April 7, 2018

Quotas for immigration judges have apparently been set for the first time by the Department of Justice (DOJ), which will require them to have a certain amount of cases closed per year. On Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported that judges were notified late last week by the DOJ that their..

H-1B US Visa Process Gets Tougher April 7, 2018

While Congress continues to make President Donald Trump’s hopes for creating an immigration system based more around merit seem unlikely to come to fruition, the Trump administration is proceeding to make it harder for high-skilled immigrants to get H-1B US visas. A program granting US visas to..

Trump Says No Deal for DREAMers April 7, 2018

On Sunday, President Donald Trump said that there would now be no deal for the millions of Dreamers – the undocumented young immigrants who came to the US when they were minors – while also calling for tough new anti-immigration legislation to be passed by the Republicans in Congress and..

Immigration Attorney Faces Asylum Fraud Charges April 7, 2018

The police have charged a New York-based immigration attorney with asylum fraud, after the alleged submission of fraudulent forms for over 180 of her clients. Geoffrey S Berman, the Southern District of New York’s US Attorney, says that 42-year-old Andreea Dumitru has been charged with making..

ICE Use Facebook to Find Immigrant Suspects April 7, 2018

The illicit use of data mined from Facebook has generated headlines lately, but now a new report from The Intercept has accused Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) of also using Facebook data to locate and track suspected undocumented immigrants in the US. The report cites a case in which..

The US Deports 43 Cambodian Nationals April 7, 2018

On Thursday, 43 Cambodian nationals were deported from the US to the capital city of Phnom Peth in their native country under a law enabling repatriation for immigrants who do not have US citizenship and who have committed a felony offense. The group is the largest sent back to Cambodia under the..

Trump Slams Immigration Laws April 7, 2018

President Donald Trump slammed the immigration laws of the US and revisited comments made during his election campaign about criminals from Mexico during a speech on Thursday, which was intended to concern tax law. Republicans had hoped that the law, which will see a tax cut for the majority of..

EB-5 US Visa Applicants Advised to File Quickly April 7, 2018

With many US visa programs being tightened up by the US government and some Senators pushing for immigrant investors US visas to undergo comprehensive reform, individuals of high net worth considering moving to the US are being advised to speed up their US visa applications by immigration..

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