Migrants from one country to another can be classified into two categories. One category is those who want to migrate to another country to seek greener pastures and better living conditions . They are largely those who do not have much love left for their motherland and are more self centred...

Truth vs. Trump on Immigration October 24, 2019

Webster’s Dictionary defines “emergency” as “a sudden, urgent, usually unexpected occurrence requiring immediate action.” By that standard, US President Donald Trump’s claim that the United States faces an immigration emergency is simply not credible. Immigrants have been coming to the..

A Medical Assessment of Trump’s Asylum Policy October 5, 2019

In a stuffy attic-turned-office in Tijuana, Mexico, Juan (his name has been changed to protect his identity) described the harrowing events that drove him to flee his home in Guatemala, travel thousands of miles by foot, and request asylum in the United States. As emergency physicians at a Los..

Crimes by Illegal Immigrants Widespread Across U.S.—Sanctuaries Shouldn’t Shield Them September 4, 2019

The decision by a California appeals court Friday overturning the conviction of an illegal immigrant who shot and killed Kate Steinle in San Francisco in 2015 once again put the national spotlight on the serious problem of crimes committed by people in the U.S. illegally. The appeals court in San..

Closing the Refugee Education Gap August 30, 2019

Nowadays, making an investment – whether in shares, bonds, property, gold, lottery tickets, or the latest startup – is quick and easy. But when it comes to investments in people, the dividends are not always as clear, nor is the means by which one can measure the returns. One might be doubly..

The Power of Cash for Refugees August 23, 2019

The world is experiencing the highest levels of forced migration on record. Conflict, natural disasters, and other emergencies have driven more than 70 million people from their homes, about 26 million of whom have become refugees. They often endure long and treacherous journeys, after which they..

How we became the world’s suckers on immigration July 30, 2019

Looking at our immigration policies compared to the rest of the world, you’d think America lost a bet. The United States is one of only two developed countries in the world (the other is Canada, and even it has some restrictions we don’t have) with full “birthright citizenship,” meaning..

The Fork Is Mightier than the Wall July 17, 2019

The word “migration” conjures images of war, natural disaster, and severe economic distress. All are important reasons why people seek refuge far from home. But the single most powerful driver of migration may well be food – or, rather, the lack of it. As of 2017, some 821 million people..

Mexico’s Migration Mistake July 3, 2019

Last month, US President Donald Trump’s administration railroaded Mexico into agreeing to take “unprecedented steps” to curb irregular migration and human trafficking across its borders. The deal – the implementation of which will be evaluated this month – is shameful for Mexico and the..

Is Immigrant-Bashing a Vote Winner for the Left? June 18, 2019

Is a hardline position on immigration the key to electoral success for Europe’s beleaguered center left? Denmark’s Social Democrats certainly think so. They took first place in a general election this month after arguing that immigrants threaten the country’s social cohesion and generous..

U.S. unauthorized immigrants are more proficient in English, more educated than a decade ago May 23, 2019

Unauthorized immigrants in the United States are better at speaking English and more educated than they were a decade ago, according to new Pew Research Center estimates based on government data. In 2016, a third of unauthorized immigrant adults were proficient in English – meaning they either..

Setting the Record Straight About African Migration May 14, 2019

In recent years, images of young Africans attempting to reach Europe, sometimes through the most daring and desperate routes, have become a fixture on global and national news channels. Cynical politicians in Europe and the United States have argued, for the sake of winning votes, that these..

Feds: Immigration top US crime, one-third of all sentencings May 13, 2019

Immigration crime, virtually all involving illegal male, Hispanic immigrants, was the top offense in federal courts last year, according to the United States Sentencing Commission. In its just-released annual report, the commission said that immigration crimes accounted for 34.4% of all sentencing..

Cyr: Immigration reform important for U.S. policy — and politics May 12, 2019

The happy and powerful do not go into exile,” wrote Alexis de Tocqueville, the brilliant visitor from France who struggled to understand the dynamic new American nation nearly two centuries ago. His 1830s visit to the United States, and the book that resulted, “Democracy in America,” speak..

U.S. census should ID, but not count, illegal immigrants May 8, 2019

Decent, law-abiding people know that crime is wrong and it’s unjust to profit from criminality. So why do many Democrats oppose President Trump directing the U.S. census to determine whether people are illegally in America? After all, a fundamental principle of our Constitution is that each..

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