Migrants from one country to another can be classified into two categories. One category is those who want to migrate to another country to seek greener pastures and better living conditions . They are largely those who do not have much love left for their motherland and are more self centred...

Year 2019: U.S. Courts Grant Asylum To 625 Nepalese, Stamps Denial in 245 Cases January 16, 2020

N24 Correspondent, NEW YORK: The U.S. immigration courts have accepted asylum petitions of 625 Nepalese nationals, while denying asylum to them in 245 cases in the year 2019. The approval figure for the Nepalese stands at 71.83 percent, while the disapproval figure stands at 28.17 percent for the..

122 Chinese nationals expelled, not allowed to enter Nepal for four years January 8, 2020

KATHMANDU: A total of 122 Chinese nationals come in Nepal on tourist visa but involving in illegal activities, have finally been expelled- not allowing to enter Nepal for four years. Immigration Officer at Immigration Department, Pavan Gupta, informed that the Chinese arrested for illegal..

‘Food stamp’ revocation decision turns beneficiaries wary ahead of April 1 deadline December 9, 2019

N24 Correspondent, PHILADELPHIA: Ramesh Rai (name changed) was a minor when he came to the U.S. with his parents under a refugee settlement program of the Bhutanese refugees. He and his family received the food assistance or the food stamps popularly known as the EBT (electronic benefits transfer)..

U.S. Embassy in Nepal excludes health insurance requirement for visa issuance December 2, 2019

KATHMANDU: The United States Embassy in Nepal has made it clear that a health insurance will no more be a requirement for the Nepalese citizens to get a visa for the U.S. and that this new arrangement is in accordance with a new ruling from a U.S. court of law. Speaking at a Town Hall meeting..

Elizabeth Warren says she’s open to moratorium on deportations as part of immigration negotiations November 9, 2019

By Gregory Krieg and Leyla Santiago, (CNN): Sen. Elizabeth Warren said on Friday that she would consider placing a moratorium on deportations as a bargaining maneuver to pressure Congress into action on immigration reform. She was asked about the possibility during a forum in North Carolina hosted..

Temporary Protected Status extended for 6 countries including Nepal November 1, 2019

WASHINGTON: United State Department of Homeland Security (DHS) extending the validity of TPS-related documentation for beneficiaries under the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designations for El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua and Sudan through Jan. 4, 2021. Friday's announcement..

Truth vs. Trump on Immigration October 24, 2019

Webster’s Dictionary defines “emergency” as “a sudden, urgent, usually unexpected occurrence requiring immediate action.” By that standard, US President Donald Trump’s claim that the United States faces an immigration emergency is simply not credible. Immigrants have been coming to the..

Trump Administration Immigration Policy And Its Impact. An Analysis Of Canadian Job Market For Skill Immigration October 21, 2019

Donald Trump’s rhetoric is primarily focused on immigration and there have been some notable shifts in the policy after he was elected. What are these changes and why are they important? How does this relate to immigration Canada? Read on to find out. Immigration Policy of Donald Trump One of..

A Medical Assessment of Trump’s Asylum Policy October 5, 2019

In a stuffy attic-turned-office in Tijuana, Mexico, Juan (his name has been changed to protect his identity) described the harrowing events that drove him to flee his home in Guatemala, travel thousands of miles by foot, and request asylum in the United States. As emergency physicians at a Los..

US ban on asylum seekers disqualified most immigrants September 27, 2019

Elliot Spagat, Tijuana, Mexico, (AP): Julio Lopez and his family faced a decision when they reached the U.S. border to seek asylum: cross illegally or follow government instructions to stay in Mexico, even if it meant waiting for months. The Salvadoran family waited for their chance to make their..

Lawsuit Challenges End of Immigrant Medical Relief Program September 5, 2019

BY PHILIP MARCELO, BOSTON (AP): Civil rights groups sued President Donald Trump's administration Thursday over its decision to stop considering requests from immigrants seeking to remain in the country for medical treatment and other hardships. The American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts..

Crimes by Illegal Immigrants Widespread Across U.S.—Sanctuaries Shouldn’t Shield Them September 4, 2019

The decision by a California appeals court Friday overturning the conviction of an illegal immigrant who shot and killed Kate Steinle in San Francisco in 2015 once again put the national spotlight on the serious problem of crimes committed by people in the U.S. illegally. The appeals court in San..

Closing the Refugee Education Gap August 30, 2019

Nowadays, making an investment – whether in shares, bonds, property, gold, lottery tickets, or the latest startup – is quick and easy. But when it comes to investments in people, the dividends are not always as clear, nor is the means by which one can measure the returns. One might be doubly..

Migrants, babies rescued at sea as survivors say six drowned August 28, 2019

ROME, (AFP): A charity ship rescued some 100 migrants in the Mediterranean Wednesday, including 22 small children who had survived their foundering dinghy being pummelled by a wave fellow occupants said drowned six people. Charity Mediterranea Saving Humans said the survivors were taken aboard the..

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