Biden administration admit 125,000 refugees a year, 35,000 from South Asia

N24 Correspondent, WASHINGTON:- The Biden administration has published an official document in the Federal Register admitting up to 125,000 refugees in the current fiscal year. A document on the number of refugees set by President Joe Biden for the current fiscal year was published in the Federal Register on Monday.

The quota is 40,000 from Africa, 15,000 from East Asia, 10,000 from Europe and Central Asia, and 15,000 from Latin America and the Caribbean. Similarly, up to 35,000 refugees will be admitted from East Asia and South Asia, while another 10,000 will be admitted.

In the fiscal year 2021, the United States received the lowest number of refugees ever. Despite the quota of 62,500 refugees, only 11,411 have come to the United States. Which is the lowest annual number in the last 40 years.

The fiscal year 2022 has already started from October 1. Donald Trump set a quota of 15,000 refugees for the fiscal year 2021, which ended on September 30. But after Biden became president in May, the quota was increased to 62,500. But the number of refugees entering the United States after the quota increase is even lower than the quota set by Trump.

In order to come to the United States as a refugee, a person must be outside the United States and can only come to the United States after the status has been approved. Asylum claims after arriving in the United States are different.

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