Bernie Sanders slams Donald Trump over ‘dividing’ immigration policies

The Presidential candidate for 2020, Bernie Sanders called out the US President Donald Trump for his immigration policies and said that Trump thinks he will be re-elected ‘by demonizing immigrants’. On December 20, Sanders visited San Ysidro to prove yet again why America should not have ‘four more years of Trump’ instead create an immigration system which is ‘based on justice’. The Republican President’s policies have drawn criticism and a lawsuit was filed on December 19 against his ‘discrimination’ when it comes to the green-card seekers. 

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Sanders not only believes that Trump is ‘dividing’ the country, but has also urged the citizens of their country to ‘stand up and get involved’ in order to defeat the US President in 2020. Sanders has also claimed earlier, he is running for the President because ‘it’s about time’ that the US forms a government that works in the favour of the working class. This was also not the first time when Sanders addressed Trump as a ‘xenophobe’ but has also accused him of creating an ‘inhumane’ immigration system.  

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Sanders calls Trump ‘racist’

Sanders slammed the US President Donald Trump and called him a ‘racist, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe and a religious bigot’ on December 13. On one hand, as the US House approved the impeachment charges of ‘abuse of power’ and ‘obstruction of Congress’, Sanders took this opportunity to say that his campaign is the ‘strongest’ to defeat him. Sanders joined hand with the representative from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar for a rally in Nashua. During Trump’s first rally since the impeachment enquiry started, he had attacked Omar on October 10 in her own turf and called her a ‘disgrace’ to their country and reminded his thousands of supports of the anti-semitic remarks that she made on Israel.

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