Arguing immigration, political mailers, and more: letters to the editor

Congressional Candidates’ Forum

You can attend the CDT’s Congressional Candidates’ Forum Monday at 8:30 p.m. at the State College Borough Council Chambers, 243 South Allen St. All four Congressional candidates were invited but only Democratic candidates Susan Boser (15th District) and Marc Friedenberg (12th District) will attend. You can also watch the forum live that night on the CDT’s Facebook page.

‘Immigration is an advantage’

This election season, we need to remember immigration issues—and how misguided the Trump Administration is. Pennsylvania is an aging state in an aging country in an aging world. Immigration is a competitive advantage in an aging world.

By mid-century, China’s workforce will be shrinking because of its rapidly aging society. The U.S. workforce will still be growing because of immigration. The choice is not between “open borders” or a “wall.” The choice is between a policy that attracts skilled, talented immigrants to keep our economy and society growing versus a policy that cuts our legal immigration targets drastically.

Representative Tom Marino has rubber-stamped the Trump administration’s policies of putting up barriers to talented immigrants, tearing families apart, and making our country less attractive when we are competing for talent. By contrast, Marc Friedenberg understands the link between immigration and a healthy economy for Pennsylvania and for the country.

In November, we need to vote for a member of Congress who understands the necessity of sound immigration policy to our economic future. I’m voting for Marc Friedenberg. I hope you will too. – Michael Piper-Smyer, Lewisburg, PA

‘Half-truths equal dirty politics’

A few days ago, I received a political ad from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party calling Mike Hanna’s opponent, Stephanie Borowicz, a “Florida Tax Dodger.” I went to my computer to check out the authenticity of this statement. And guess what I found.

Mike’s opponent was indeed the president of a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable corporation. The corporation’s tax-exempt status was revoked by the IRS by notice dated May 15, 2014. But guess what? It appears that there was a voluntary dissolution of the corporation on April 24, 2014.

It is my understanding that 501(c)(3) charitable corporations are tax exempt anyway, so how could Ms. Borowicz be a tax dodger? The political ad that I received was put out by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. I realize that this ad did not come from Mike Hanna’s office, but was he not aware that it went out?

The Party certainly hasn’t done him any favors. Mike, are you going to put a stop to this nonsense? Half-truths equal dirty politics. – Carla McElwain, Loganton, PA

‘Faith lives beyond betrayal’

Is the Roman Catholic Church obsolete? There are good reasons why that is impossible.

By covering up the sexual abuse of minors and adults by priests and bishops in the Roman Catholic Church, the bishops betrayed the Church itself. The Catholic Churches — Roman, Eastern and Orthodox — trace their beginnings to the preachings of the apostles and the the formation of the writings now known as the New Testament. Those writings and the life of the Church are one.

The bishops betrayed that life by not recognizing that the poor, the defenseless, the innocent, children and women are Christ himself (Mt 25). By trying to save the reputation of the Church they sinned gravely.

If the Catholic is obsolete there is no faith because of the historical face that the Gospels and the letters of Paul and James with Hebrews took shape within the Catholic Churches. That was a long process, lasting over centuries. The witness of the Churches to the true faith was the norm against which true scriptures were separated from false gospels and letters.

The apostles betrayed Jesus, beginning with the Last Supper and continuing through the Crucifixion. The history of Christianity is one of continual struggles over the teachings of the Scriptures and the social, political and moral implications of Christian faith.

Faith lives beyond betrayal. The Church lives beyond betrayal. That is the reason why Catholics do not desert her in dark times. – Garth Gillan, Spring Mills, PA

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