9-year-old writes to immigration officers asking for deported dad’s return

BROWNSVILLE, TX (KVEO)  – The story of a 9-year-old Brownsville boy’s letter to an Immigration Officer has been read by thousands of people on social media. 

“He always takes me new places once I go meet him on the weekends and once he took me to the beach and he surprised me by fishing,” Jesus Uriostegui said about his father. 

Earlier this week, Jesus wrote a letter to an immigration officer, asking if his father, who was deported, could attend a school function with him.

“It’s because there was this activity that we get to do with our dads at school. It was “Donuts with Dad” and I really wanted my dad to come with me and have some fun for a while. So, I had to write a letter to the immigration officers and see if they could,” he said. 

Before the letter was read and shared by various people on social media, it was read by his teacher who had never seen a letter like this in her 17 years of teaching.

 “It’s heartbreaking. I wasn’t expecting to see or read what he wrote. As I was reading my heart broke I didn’t know what was happening at home,” said Josefina Ledezma, a fourth-grade teacher. 

“Sometimes we just see the kids coming in and being kids like every day, and it was surprising for me to know,” she said. 

Although Jesus’s father was unable to attend “Donuts With Dad” he was still there in spirit, as the fourth grader and his brother were able to video chat with their beloved dad during the event.

“I’m happy for Jesus that he was able to feel all the support and love from everyone from the community besides just the parents and the teachers and class,” Ledezma said. 

“I feel very excited and happy that people actually read my letter,” Jesus said. 

Jesus and his mother delivered the letter to the immigration officer in person. The request was turned down because it’s a process that requires more time. 


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