1393 Nepali DV winners of 2021 succeed in getting Visa

N24 Correspondent, KATHMANDU:- According to the US State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs, only 1393 of the DV winners of the fiscal year 2021 have been able to obtain visas and adjust their status. The 1993 winners, including the primary DV winner and their family members, were able to obtain visas and adjust status within a six-month period.

Due to the Corona epidemic and the immigration ban imposed by Donald Trump, none of the DV winners could get visas from October to March. Even in April and May, the US Embassy in Kathmandu did not issue diversity visas to any Nepalis. However, in April, 10 Nepalis and in May, 5 Nepalis were able to obtain visas or adjust their status from Kathmandu.

In June, the US Embassy in Kathmandu began issuing visas to DV winners. But in June, a total of 16 people from Kathmandu were issued diversity visas. However, the total number of Nepalis getting diversity visas and adjusting their status in that month was 23.

Nepalis living in the United States can adjust their status with USCIS if they get a DV, while Nepalis living in other countries can get a visa from an embassy in a country other than Kathmandu if they get a DV.

In July, the US embassy in Kathmandu issued diversity visas to a very small number of 83 people. Two had received status adjustments or visas from other embassies. In other words, a total of 85 Nepalis managed to get diversity visas in July.

In August, the US Embassy in Kathmandu issued a significant number of diversity visas. That is, 479 Nepalis received diversity visas from the Kathmandu embassy in August. Adding the number of people from other places and those who adjust their status, it is seen that a total of 493 Nepalis got diversity visas in August.

The embassy in Kathmandu had issued diversity visas to 759 people in September after a court ruled in favor of the Ministry of External Affairs to revoke the applicable visa priority and issue diversity visas in good faith. Adding the number of people receiving and adjusting status from other places, a total of 777 Nepalis appear to have received diversity visas in September.

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